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Youth Red Cross


The Red Cross is non-political International humanitarian organization devoted to the service of mankind. In India, the Red Cross society was established by an act of the Indian legislature in 1920 with the three objectives of the improvement of health, prevention of disease and mitigation of suffering.

The Youth Red Cross is a constituent of the Indian Red Cross Society (Karnataka): A group movement organized at the initial stages for students between 18 to 25 years of age. The Youth Red Cross is organized with a view to develop and deploy student youth resource for working towards these principles.

Fundamental Principles of Red Cross
• Humanity
• Impartiality
• Neutrality
• Independence
• Voluntary Service
• Unity
• Universality

It also aims at inculcating in youth the ideals and practice of service especially in relation to:
• Taking are of their own health and that of others.
• Understanding and accepting civic responsibility.
• Promotion of national and international understanding and goodwill by using their international link of the movement.
• Promotion of volunteerism.

We in our college, have a Youth Red Cross wing. Any student of any discipline can become a YRC member. Present we have 2 YRC unit. Unit I has 147 students and unit two has 116 students.

Activities for YRC students are
• Volunteer’s orientation.
• Training on Fist Aid.
• Training on disaster preparedness and management.
• Training on minimum competencies.
• Motivation of blood donation.
• Creating awareness about health and hygiene.
• Leadership training.
• Skills development.
• Programme management.

Administrative Setup at College Level:
For each unit there would be an Executive Committee consisting of the following members:-
Dr. N.P. Narayana Shetty Chairman Principal of the college
Prof. Sathynarayana Program coordinator Program officer YRC
Ms. Vidyarani Sub coordinator Program officer YRC
Dr. Subhakarachari Member SWO
Mrs. Sumana Member Lecturer Dept. Of Biotechnology
Ms. Deekshitha Member Lecturer, Dept. of Biochemistry
Mrs. Shwetha B Member Lecturer, Dept. of Botany
Mr.Vidhyadhara Member Lecturer, Dept. of Commerce
Ms. Akshatha Member Lecturer, Dept. of Commerce
Dr. Saritha V Member Lecturer Dept. Of Biotechnology

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