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R & D Committee


The Research and Development Cell aims to nurture research culture in the institute by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Business, Management Social and science. It encourages the students and faculty to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Business, Management, Social and science fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding managers by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition, etc.


1. To create zeal among the students towards research and innovation.
2. To work closely with the industrial needs that eventually will result in new or improved products, processes, systems or services that can increase the company's productivity.
3. Innovative business activity creating added value in the global economy.
4. Innovation-friendly society aimed at long-term development.
5. To have Periodical interactive session with entrepreneurs/industrialists.
6. To enhance skill development training and self employment opportunities.
7. To serve government by taking up sponsored projects.
8. To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities for our students and to organize talent show, in-house exhibition, business stall, etc.


Motivate the faculty and students to apply for funding under various Government, Professional Chapter or Private Sector schemes.
Promotion of three way interaction between the Institute, R & D Cell and Industry.
To register under Intellectual Property Rights like Patents & copyright the outcome of R & D work carried out by the faculty and students of the Institution.
To facilitate signing of MOU with industries and R & D Organizations for research and product development.
To promote faculty and students to undertake Research and Development activities as a means of nourishing innovative thought.
Promotion of R&D activities in science, technology,commerce,arts and administration with special emphasis on emerging domain.
Motivate faculty and students to participate in Seminar/Conference/Workshop and further share his knowledge, experience with faculty and students and submission of write up to R&D cell.
To encourage faculty and students to present/publish Research paper in reputed National & International journals and submit a copy to R&D Cell in the institute.
To encourage interdisciplinary R & D projects leading to solutions to real world problems.

R & D Committee

Dr. Shubhakarachary , Principal

Honorary President

Dr. Yashavanthi K



Dr. Lalitha Devi B

Mr. Devdasa K

Dr. Vijayakumar K M

Dr. Gayathri Pai

Mrs. Sneha S

Mrs. Vijayalaxmi Shetty

Mrs. Archana Aravind

Mrs. Divya Merita Fernandies

Mr. Mukunda

Dr. Mohan B

Dr. Saritha V

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